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Hydrating With Your Health & The Environment In Mind {+ Starkey Water Giveaway!}

You may be wondering why water is so exciting to me, and truthfully I never thought it would be, but as I strive to live a healthier life I look more closely at even the most basic aspects of daily life — and the water I use to hydrate my body, and those of my children, is one of them. So, when I had the chance to work with Starkey Water I was excited for the opportunity. Their water is sourced from more than two miles deep in the mountains of Idaho. To be more specific it is sourced “through fractures in the Imnaha Basalt, a volcanic formation where the water’s purity has been protected for more than 11,000 years.” 

One of the first things you notice about Starkey Water is the taste and texture. It is crisp and smooth, all while naturally rich with minerals. Their harvesting practices go a long way in maintaining that fresh spring water taste. Minimal processing (UV light required by law) and bottling in the quaint town of Coucil, ID capture and bring the geothermal spring to the hands of the consumer. Starkey is committed to maintaining water in its purest form; which is apparent in its light and refreshing taste, eco-friendly bottling practices, and dedication to tradition.

Every evening I try to get in a full 2 mile walk, and obviously I need a water that helps me to replenish afterward. The glass bottle helps to maintain that ice-cold, light texture; it also adds to the enjoyment of a post-workout water break. Dehydration is a growing concern in America, particularly with sugary soft drinks and caffeine running rampant, (ask my coffee addiction and associated kidney stone). It’s important to really find a water you enjoy and crave to maintain healthy intakes both during and after physical activity. Starkey really fills that void I have when drinking non-natural or chemically processed sources.

The main concern when dealing with bottled waters, especially for Eco-friendly individuals, is the packaging — both for the environment and for toxicity concerns related to consumption. Luckily, Starkey Water has maintained their natural approach with a glass alternative to plastic. Glass, unlike plastic has the ability in theory to be recycled infinitely with no loss or degradation to the product. Along these lines, the glass bottles are easy to reuse and are lovely for serving guests. Starkey allows for me to feel environmentally conscious while maintaining a refreshing taste that other water can’t. Since glass can pose a small safety issue when going to places like the beach or pool, Starkey does offer a BPA-free PET plastic bottle as well, which is a safer alternative that can be recycled anywhere.

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