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Stitch Fix ReviewI am not known for my fashion sense. There’s just no delicate way to put it. I don’t like shopping, I have no idea what goes with what, and frankly I’m just a tank top and jeans kind of girl (who am I kidding, I wear yoga pants 90% of the time.) Want proof? Check out this embarrassing video entry from 2012.

In spite of my lack of fashion sense and love of comfort, I do want to feel confident that I look like I have a clue when I go out. Stitch Fix seemed like a perfect fit for me. It is a personal stylist/shopper service. You sign up, fill out an in-depth profile, and a designer will ship you a box of 5 items picked just for you.

This is my first box, and while I only kept one item, I must say that I was really impressed with the service. The included note let me know that the designer really kept my wants, needs, and special notes in mind when choosing the items for my box. I have read that the more feedback you provide, the more spot-on your boxes will become, and I’m excited to see what my future boxes hold.

Pictured below are 4 of the 5 items from my box. I didn’t take a picture in one because it was fairly see-through and I couldn’t find my black camisole to go under it.

My First Stitch Fix(click to enlarge)

Because I am preparing for a work trip to Vegas, I specifically asked for help choosing tops. Typical boxes can consist of tops, bottoms, dresses, and even accessories to create complete looks.

One of the things that I love about this service is that unlike being at the store, I am forced to try on every item. Often times at stores I struggle to find anything to even try on because it all looks so unappealing or overwhelming on the hanger. I know there are gems that I’m missing, but the process is just too much. That frustration is gone with Stitch Fix.

I was really surprised that I actually liked the fit of every item that was in my box. My stylist did a really great job choosing items that fit me. I’m a bit long in the torso, so finding tops that don’t rest oddly on me can be challenging.

The tops are as follows (left to right):

  • 41Hawthorn Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse in Black ($58) Keep!

    • If you can’t tell, this is my favorite top. It’s comfortable and I just love it. It’s a keeper!
  • Fun2Fun Richard Pleated Lace Detailed Blouse in Dark Pink ($48) Return

    • I actually like this top more than I thought. I just wasn’t sure about the color on me. Not enough to pull the trigger.
  • Creative Commune Laguna Abstract Floral Flutter Sleeve Blouse ($64) Return

    • I liked the fit of this top, but the pattern and colors were throwing me off.
  • Same but with an outer layer I already own.
    • I like it better this way, but the colors were still just too overwhelming for me.
  • 41Hawthorn Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top ($48) Return

    • I originally thought I’d keep this top. I like it with a jacket and without. I like the fit. My hesitation on this on was the color and that it was very wrinkled and seemed to be holding onto them. Since I am specifically looking for tops to travel with, I’m afraid this one might look a bit too sloppy.
  • Not Pictured: Sanctuary Stefani Lace Detailed Crew Neck Tank ($48) Return

    • This top was kind of cool looking, but was quite see-through and would definitely require a camisole, and for some reason I really dislike wearing camisoles under tops, so this was was a no-go for me. (If interested, you can see the top here.)

Like I said, I was happy with the fit of the items. I think next time I’d like to see some colors that are a bit less vibrant, or that are more “warm” if they are bold. I would also love to see an option for organic textiles. 

More About Stitch Fix

So here’s how it works — in a nut shell:

  • You fill out an in-depth profile, pick a date, and pay a $20 styling fee. (You can select to receive a box every month, or every other month.)
  • When your box arrives, you try everything on and ship back what you don’t want (in a prepaid mailer).
  • The $20 you paid for the styling fee will be applied to the items you decide to keep.
  • If you decide that you like ALL of the items in your box, you’ll save 25% on the whole box!
  • Alternatively, if you decide that you don’t like anything, you ship it all back and are only out $20 – which is totally reasonable, as it helps to cover their time and shipping costs both ways.

Also, be sure to provide feedback! Don’t be shy, and really let them know what you like, what you don’t, and what they can do to improve the next box.

The prices are definitely not what I’d typically pay when padding my wardrobe (then again, I generally buy a lot of tank tops), but I think it’s worth it to find some items that you really feel great in — and it’s nice to pamper yourself once in a while.

If you’re interested in signing up, you can visit or sign up through my referral link (for which I would be very grateful!)

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