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My mom is a big fan of Jackson Browne, she actually got to see him in concert earlier this month and was so excited!  My mom is not what I would consider eco-friendly in any way really, but when one of her favorite stars started talking about bottled water she started listening.  When she was telling me about this video a couple of weeks ago, I could hear the interest in her voice.  It made an impact, and for that – I thank you Jackson Browne.

My mom sent me a link to his video this morning and I would like to share it with you.  I admit I’m not terribly familiar with Mr. Browne, aside from my mother, but I enjoyed what he had to say.  Check it out:

Jackson Browne talks about the Albatross birds who are consuming plastics and feeding them to their young.  Below you can see the carcass of two unfortunate Albatross.  Their bodies full of plastic waste that they cannot digest.  Eventually their bodies become so full of plastic that there is not enough room left for real foods and they die from starvation.  It’s a direct result of people – people who choose not to care or to look the other way.  These are not isolated events.  A quick Google search for “albatross plastic” will yield pages of results.

I really liked his idea about leaving a note declining the water.  His tag idea is a bit lengthy, but I think something similar, to-the-point and polite would be a fantastic idea to implement.  Browne uses the example of these Albatross as a great metaphor for our society’s hunger for real food, information and an authentic life.   Become teachers!  Your words won’t have an impact on everyone you pass them onto, but they will make a difference to some – and that makes all of the difference.

Lead by example!  If you don’t have a reusable bottle, pick one up.  They are well worth the investment.  I recommend choosing a quality stainless steel bottle.  I avoid aluminum, since they require protective coating inside of their bottles.  Reusable plastic bottles are not my go-to either.  They are still plastic after all.  Below are a few of my favorites:

You can also get flat & loop caps.  These come in smaller sizes that can be used with sippy attachments to be used by little ones as as well.
These are AMAZING!  They keep things piping hot or ice cold even in extreme temperatures.
Pura makes great bottles similar to those above with the addition of these great sippy cups/bottles.  No plastic parts touch your drinking water!
Want a little fashion?  Earthlust stainless bottle fit the bill.  They come in dozens of designs to suit any taste.  They also have insulated varieties.  I have one of each and really like them.
If you’re looking for something for your little one, the Safe Sippy 2 (with straw attachment) is a great option.
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