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The Parenting ‘Bucket List’

Okay so maybe “bucket list” isn’t exactly the term, but it’s the general idea. While being busy in my own daily life my daughter Lily came up to me and said “Mommy, can one day you and me and Gwenny and Daddy and Ethan take a ride on a boat? A pink boat on the river? That would be fun!” I told her that it was a great idea and I hopped up to write it down so that I wouldn’t forget, but then I thought “there are lots of things I want to do with the kids”… and the Parenting Bucket List was born.

We only have our children at home for so long and we want to make the most of it, but I, like so many others, can be forgetful when my head is full of to-dos and clouded by the desperate need for sleep. I often forget to schedule things or plan them at all – and the days trickle by. As parents we want to make lasting memories with our children. We want to help build their sense of self and help them find their place in this vast, amazing world – opening up their minds to the possibilities that are available to them and creating moments that will build and nourish our relationships with them.

With a ‘Parenting Bucket List’ we can write down (and keep track of!) our goals as parents. We may  not be able to accomplish them all but at least we’ll have one step in the door towards creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Below is the start of my personal parenting bucket list. What would be on yours?


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