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I love soft and smooth skin – don’t we all? – so I simply adore these scrubby exfoliating gloves. While in the shower one day, many moons ago, I was scrubbing myself to softness when I noticed a spot on the wall that needed my immediate attention (okay so not really but I may have been a bit obsessive at the time). I gave the spot a touch and ::poof:: it vanished. I had learned the secret of the scrubby gloves – they freaking rock to clean with!

Now before you get to grossed out – or amazed – I bought new scrubby gloves just for cleaning, and we have had an awesome love-cleaning-affair ever since… or well as much as I can possibly love cleaning.

Before you start cleaning with your skin exposed – be sure you are using safe cleaners. If you’re using toxic junk, don’t use these. That stuff doesn’t belong in your home, let alone your skin. These gloves make cleaning up sinks, tubs and other typically pain-in-the-rear chores a breeze. Try using with a simple DIY cleaner or a safe, but gentle cleaning product – the gloves will do the heavy lifting.

Have you tried this before? Do you love it? If you haven’t tried this before, be prepared to be amazed!

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