Trick-or-Treat! Think outside of the candy aisle!

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HalloweenTrick-or-treating days are upon us! Costumes are made, or bought, and children (okay, adults too!) everywhere are excited to enjoy them. You may be trick-or-treating this weekend or, like us, next week on ‘the big day’! Our children are so excited, and we’re thrilled to be living in a place where we may actually have kids knock on the door! (We recently moved from a rural area to a suburb.)

While we enjoy much about this fun holiday, the one thing that is a bit lacking is the selection of treats to hand out (and receive). Candy is fun, and expected, but it can quickly go over-the-top. I’ve put together a few fun ideas that you can feel good about giving, kids will enjoy, and parents will be thankful for one less piece of candy to take from their little ones. No worries though, if treats are your thing, there are several snack items too!

Non Food Items

Finger Puppets
Mini Crayon Boxes
Mini Notepads
Tiny Pencils (To go with the mini notepads!)
Card Games
Money! Place a few coins in a tiny organza bag in festive colors for fun.
Eco Dough These are a bit pricey for Halloween goodies, but if you only have a handful of kids (family maybe?) to buy for, they are fun and safe!


Halloweenofied ApplesauceOrganic Juice Boxes
Pirate’s Booty Snack Bags You can grab a special Halloween 20-pack at your local Target!
Halloweenofied Applesauce Add a bit of marker and you have a fun & healthy Halloween treat.
KIND Minis
Larabar Minis
Animal Crackers
Organic Cheese Crackers
Real Fruit Strips (Organic)
Organic Fruit Snacks
Honey Sticks
Organic Lollipops

Do you have a favorite trick-or-treat item that I’ve missed? Share it in the comments below!

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  • I thought I would just recap some of your followers with what I did for Halloween kiddies: any kind of fresh produce was a hit with me. I took some of those mini pumpkins and tied candy on the outside with ribbons. I’m a bit on the crafty side, but the parents sure appreciated something besides just the candy!

  • Our town does a huge Halloween festival and the best non candy treats were rulers from the fire department and mini pumpkins and stickers to put on them from one of the churches.

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