Little Learners: Books for Encouraging a Love & Respect of Nature

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Great books for encouraging a love of natureI’ve talked before about Little Green Books.  Reading to children is so important.  They love it, we love it, and it’s a great chance to bond with your child and teach them valuable lessons.

When I first discovered Little Green Books, I was really happy to have a way to join a love for reading with our love and respect for the Earth.  My son is like a little sponge.  He just takes in so much and really loves these books. While they still consume resources from manufacturing, knowing that they are made from recycled materials and printed with vegetable inks helps me rest easier.

As parents we hope that we do a good job and raise our children to be respectful adults.  I think that’s where a love for green living comes in for me.  I want my children to appreciate all that is around them and all that they are provided with.  These books are just one tool to help me bring that information and message to my children.

The Little Green Books line is full of great titles featuring lovable characters and Earth friendly messages.

I Can Save The Ocean
Max the Little Green Monster is an adorable character that finds out that he can take steps at home to help save the ocean and all of the beautiful creatures that live there! Sweet lessons and lovable illustrations for little ones that want to be little green monsters too.

Little Monkey (& Little Panda)
I just adore these books. They are plush (made from recycled Polartec fleece) & cotton.  My 7 month old daughter just loves snuggling and chewing on them. The illustrations are feature large patterned images and she loves looking at the contrasting colors. The stories are short, sweet and feature playful (and energetic) Little Monkey and Little Panda.

This is Our World
An adorable book with built in surprise (puzzles) for your little one.

My son especially enjoyed the puzzle pieces in this book, though I admit he has lost track of them by now.  This book is an Earth Day journey picking up the Earth and everyone coming together to do their part for our planet.

In addition to the Little Green Books series, they have teamed up with Nickelodeon’s Big Green Help to bring a whole line of character themed books.  Even though my son is limited in his TV time, he still knows the characters and was thrilled to see these books.  He thought they were very cool, and if I remember anything about being a kid cool = good and good = they’ll listen! 

(Each book below is linked to Amazon for more information.)

These books are great. They teach about beautifying city lots, planting trees, starting up recycling programs, the dangers of greenhouse gases and more. These books are inspired by some of children’s favorite Nickelodeon characters including the Wonder Pets, Spongebob, Dora, Diego and Blue’s Clues. These characters get children excited about and involved in learning about greening our Earth. My son was very excited and my daughter especially loved being able to point out the animals.

What are your favorite books to read with your little ones?

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