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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt that it was important to see all sides of an issue, even when I had my feet planted firmly on one side or another.  I feel, that to make an informed decision, on anything, we should be questioning everything.  We might end up right where we started, but what happens when those questions lead to more questions and uncertainty?

For me, it was change and a sense of empowerment.  I began going green, and writing this blog after finding out that baby shampoos and lotions, which were suppose to be safe, were anything but.  Though I spent my whole life questioning big topics, I never thought to question the little ones.  It was like the world came into focus, and I began to question everything.  I wanted to know that the things I put on, and in the bodies of my family members would do no harm.  At the very least, I wanted to know what could happen.  I wanted to make informed decisions.

I was not looking for a fight, but I wanted to know that everything I used was safe.  More than that, I wanted it proved to me.  Saying that something cannot be proved to cause one thing (or many) is not the same as it being safe.  It’s a trick that many companies use, in products and in the medical field, to make us believe that a product is safe.  We’ve all seen it happen.

The medical community is no different, and while experts are regarded as the authority or final say, I feel that that is a flawed way of thinking.  After all, we are only as accurate at the information with which we have been provided.  Physicians are no exception.  We are all human, expert or not, and we can all continue to learn and evolve – if we allow ourselves to realize that we do not have all of the answers.

With that, I invite you to watch The Greater Good.  It is a thoughtful presentation about vaccines, or perhaps more about what is in our vaccines.  I found this movie touching (I cried!), exciting (I yelled at my monitor!) and very enriching (Lots of YEA!  Right on!).  Okay, I’m being silly now, but this is a serious topic and love the way in which this movie provokes thought and conversation.  What ever you to, make time for this movie.  Watch it while you fold laundry or clean your kitchen (I did!).  You will not be sorry!

The Greater Good is available to watch, for FREE through November 5th at Mercola.com  In addition to being available online, you can support the film by purchasing your very own copy for just $10, information also at the link above.

When you’re done, come back here and let me know your thoughts.  I will be sharing mine later in the week, after I watch it again!

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