Babies Against Parenthood 

Baby Shower Game

Printable Card Game

the perfect baby shower game

Often imitated but never matched, Babies Against Parenthood is the original CAH style baby shower game!  It’s a funny, multiplayer party game based on the familiar format created by Cards Against Humanity. It has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of party-goers since it was created in 2014! 

Huge hit at the baby shower! We had the tables compete against each other, worked out great! So funny!

This baby-themed version of CAH is more PG, but thankfully that’s open to interpretation! This game is fun for baby showers, or a late night with friends also in the parenting way. Download, print, and you’re on your way!

This was perfect for my baby shower! There were tons of cards and everybody loved it!

Absolutely a blast!!!

Hilarious cards.

Great Quality product! Prints beautifully! I laminated mine.




  •  Cardstock   •  Printer (or a print shop!)   •  Scissors/paper cutter   •  Friends

All you'd need is

Download, print, cut, play!

Ready in minutes