How to use Onions  for Earaches

All you need is a few drops of juice from an onion to help soothe even the most painful earaches. I’ve used it on my kids, my myself, and even adult friends who have had the misfortune of waking up with an earache.

Onions contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that  quickly and effectively sooth and calm an infected ear, helping the body to heal without the inflammation and pressure causing pain.

When I was young my aunt would sautè it, then place it in my ear. Yes it helped me!

I was willing to try anything. Cooked it and out a few drops in my ear and by golly the pain went away pretty much instantly! I was amazed!

We just a few months ago found out about the onion trick. It has been amazing, and works quickly when nothing else has.

  •  any onion   •  knife (or blender/processor)   •  dropper   •  something to filter (like a         clean cloth or coffee filter)   •  something to warm the onion      (like an oven)

All you need is

relief in minutes

Helpful to have (but not required)