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Healthy living is so important to me and I want share that any way I can, especially in our communities.  As you probably know, I’m now offering cloth diaper classes locally with the help of several amazing companies.  I reached out to my local organizations and media; the response has been overwhelming.

The past month has been a blessed, planning whirlwind of amazingness.  I will be featured at our local Farmers’ Market this weekend sharing cloth, answering questions and hopefully getting rid of a lot of myths.  An awesome eco-friendly mommy from theBump’s eco-friendly board will be joining me to help answer questions too!  The local birth to three program is helping by distributing flyers to their families.  The local hospital is including the flyers in the birth packet that every mom gets when they have their baby and I’ve put up flyers anywhere I can.

For those of you interested in reaching out locally, I am working on putting together information packets that you can print and use, as well as easily customizable flyers.

In addition to all of the amazing organizations above, I contacted our local NBC station.  If you know me, that took a lot.  The thought of being on camera had me in stitches, BUT I care about this, so I took the leap.

Our local station has a new segment called Moms Everyday, and they have been an amazing help in getting the word out about cloth, and all things healthy home.  Not only am I able to share through my local station, my articles are being featured on the Moms Everyday pages all across the country!  Our first was published last week, you may even recognize it!

Just yesterday the first Moms Everyday segment was aired and I’d like to share it with you.  This is an intro to the blog, there are many more segments to follow about cloth, reusable products, safe cleaners, our detergent recipe, pet food and a whole lot more.  I hope to share each of these with you accompanied by a post further exploring the topic.

Thank you all for reading and being so supportive.  I’m feeling very blessed to have these opportunities to reach out.  If you have ideas for segments that would be of help to you, please leave them in the comments section or email me (info on our contact page).

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  • That is fantastic! I love that you putting together some info to share with us so we can help spread the word more efficiently too! Way to go!

  • This is great! I'm slowly making my way to healthier way of living, getting rid of the harsh chemicals (though that one is gonna take some work for my germophobic husband), going to cloth diapers for our second child (yet another area my husband isn't thrilled about), recycling … ok lets just assume my husband isn't really on board with any of this, he is just suffering me to do it. Which is why I'm taking it slow and easy making the transition, he needs to get used to one area at a time, and as the baby will be here very soon cloth diapers are my main focus right now.
    Anyway, This is great! I'm so glad you decided to make the sacrifice to make this info easily available to all the rest of us! I can't wait to start learning about different products to use for cleaning, I haven't started my research into that part yet. But plan too soon.

  • What kind of local organizations did you contact? Are your efforts purely informational or offering sales as well? I think this is awesome!

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