What about small appliances? Dyson Handheld Review

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Some months ago when my vacuum cleaner was giving me less than stellar results I began searching for a green option.  I saw lots of gimmicks claiming to be ‘green’ but nothing I read stood out as truly earth friendly and the brands concerned me.  I have tried several brands in the past and none have done much good.  It seems that the ones I’ve used don’t pick up well enough and the most recent one even flicked dirt back at me while I tried to vacuum!

I sent out emails to a few different companies hoping to get some feedback and information about their companies practices and the (hopefully) Earth consciousness of their products.  To the pleasure of my curiosity, Dyson wrote me back and offered to let me review their Dyson DC31 handheld.  Though it was not a floor vacuum, I had actually read a bit about this device because of it’s highly efficient motor.  I was interested in seeing how well this little device could really work.  After all, my current handheld wouldn’t hold a charge and barely picked up anything even when it did.

The Dyson handheld’s motor is unlike traditional electric motors.  It is smaller, lighter and more powerful than conventional motors. It has no carbon brushes, therefore no carbon dust and less components to wear out and degrade performance.  The latest Dyson digital motor is three times faster and more power efficient than any other – meaning Dyson’s new handhelds can deliver twice the airwatts for the same run time.  This is truly an innovation.  It also has a dual power mode to allow you to save even more energy when wanted, or get an extra boost when needed.

I have been using this handheld daily for a few months now and it’s been a blessing in so many ways.  I think my favorite is using it in the kitchen and dining room to help tidy up my counters and floors.  We spend so much time in there that crumbs end up in, on and around everything.  In addition to my counters, it was a life saver when our brand new ‘other’ brand vacuum died.  I was able to keep things tidy while I searched for a new vacuum.  I have to admit that before this handheld, the price of a Dyson put me off a little.  The thought of spending a few hundred dollars or more on a vacuum was a bit to swallow, but the thought of purchasing trash that would quickly end up in a landfill concerned me much more.

I was able to pick up a Dyson recently for a great price and I am beyond thrilled.  I realize that Dyson is not directly an “eco-friendly” company, but from all I have experienced (with two products now) and through reading their literature, I am very pleased to have worked with them and to have purchased their product.

The amount of dust and fiber that I can pick up with my machines is amazing.  They are both highly efficient.  I spend very little time vacuuming in comparison to other vacuums that I have tried and the amount of dirt removed.  I am continually shocked by all that comes up and  I could not be happier.

At the end of the day I think quality makes it’s mark on the environmental front.  Yes, I could have spent a couple hundred dollars less on a vacuum, but then were would I be?  I did that recently.  I purchased a $90, well rated by Good Housekeeping, vacuum and it was picking up nothing inside of a month.  All of the energy used to manufacture it – wasted.  All of the components and plastics in the machine – wasted.  The gas used to transport it from factories and stores – wasted.  The man hours spent moving and stocking it – wasted.  My time and hard earned money – wasted.

In addition to the Dyson products being highly efficient, they don’t continue to produce waste like many of their counterparts.  There are no bags or filters to replace.  It’s not hard to see that their machines were built with sustainability in mind.

Household purchases like this that often leave me wondering, “Was it the most eco-friendly choice.”  With my Dyson, I believe the answer is “Yes.”

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  • We recently picked up a Dyson at a garage sale and were able to fix it for under $100! We are completely in love with it and it has done wonderful things for our carpet. It really puts my mind at ease when we have two small children & a dog (& a husband, let's be honest!) that we have a Dyson that can keep up with our messes! Great review!

  • I love my Dyson- we have had it for three years now and only had one issue, which was resolved quickly because of their awesome warranty. It has helped my allergies immensely.

  • Great blog here, I'm now following you. Would love you to follow back. I knit items for children, including longies and shorties for cloth diapers.

    My parents have a Dyson Animal, but I'm not impressed with it. There is a lot of dog hair left behind, especially on hardwood floors. For 4 years I owned a Eureka Boss, it is a bagged vacuum, but it was great, on both solid flooring and carpets. It was fine until I dropped down a flight of stairs. When it came time to replace it we considered the Dyson, but we have no carpeting in our home, and just felt a bagged filtered vacuum was what we needed. So we got another Eureka Boss, the same one, no less. To offset the environmental impact we bought some Green Credits, and we make sure to clean the vacuum parts ourselves to minimize the need to replace filters and the bag.

  • I agree with you, I love Dyson, it’a good brand of vacuum cleaner. BTW,do you know how to extend the service life of a vacuum cleaner?

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