What do you know about hybrids?

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We’ve been driving the same vehicle for about 5 years now.  My husband is all excited about getting a new car, but I’ve been saying that I wanted to wait until we could afford a hybrid.  Well, my request may be more realistic than I thought.  I was asked to share the new Kia Optima Hybrid with you; this is a sponsored post.  I am excited to be sharing it with you and have already contacted my local dealership, of my own accord, to set up a test drive so that I can see it first hand.  The idea of getting an estimated 40 mpg highway has my interest peaked.  Plus it starts at just $945 more than the newest model of our current vehicle.  I’m interested and I thought that you might be too!

You can head over to Kia’s website to learn moreabout the Optima Hybrid from videos like this one from Motor Trend (Can you believe I had a subscription to this magazine in high school?!)

To add to the fun, you can test your hybrid knowledge with their Hybrid Myth Busters Facebook App.

The Hybrid Myth Busters app puts your hybrid knowledge to the test! You can take the quiz which consists of a series of questions related to common hybrid myths and you can even challenge your friends. Now you can finally confirm and deny the rumors you’ve heard about hybrid cars.

This is a sponsored post: All views and opinions are my own and are in no way swayed by the sponsor.  Sponsored posts on this blog are always selected with my readers and sustainable standards in mind.

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