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Cloth Diapers | Fixing Curled Hook & Loop Velcro Tabs

This is a method that I tried not because of the curling issue I was having, but more because my laundry tabs weren’t working so well. It also straightened out my curling tabs and I haven’t had an issue since 🙂

This can be applied to any diaper w/ velcro tabs. I think the added structure is what helps this work. It has worked for me and I hope it works for you too.


This is how most brands work, attaching the tabs to ‘laundry tabs’.

Take one off!

Attach it to the other tab. Voila! Done! Wash and dry as usual!

If your laundry tabs are old and worn out, don’t worry about attaching the one to it. It’s not a must. I just do it to try to keep them in place a bit more.

Good luck and I hope this helps fix your curling tabs too 🙂

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