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How to Fold Prefold Diapers: A Picture Tutorial

So, there are so many ways to use a prefold, but I thought I’d try to show a few folds.

You will need:

*update*  If you would like to view video demonstrations of these folds, check out the Prefold Video Tutorial.

Here we go!

Meet Motta Motta.

Motta Motta is my son’s bear. No clue where the name came from, but it’s his best friend and he will be joining us today. Thank you Motta Motta.

Meet Motta Motta’s diaper. It’s not a prefold, but my son had me make it for him and so here it is.
Now, onto the prefolds!

Newspaper Fold

Angel Wing Fold

Bikini Twist Fold

Jelly Roll Fold

Ooey Fold

Diva Fold

Poonico Fold
This is how I fold a prefold on my daughter. She doesn’t have BF poo anymore and this gives her a trim diaper. I find it easy to do and so I thought I’d share, since this is really the only one I have a lot of experience with.

In addition to all of these folds you can simply lay the prefold in the cover after trifolding it.  This works fine for wet diapers and is fast and easy for older babies.  It can tend to sag in the diaper with movement because it’s not secured in any fashion.  It also is not good for containing breastfed and other looser bowel movements.

Fold it with the seams
Or against the seams.
This is my prefered method when doing it this way.  I like that the majority of the bulk is in wet zone.

I hope that some of this has helped you 🙂 If you have any questions or folds that you would like to see, please leave a comment 🙂

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